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Zombie Promenade

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If you want your brain to be eaten by Zombies, this is the App for you.

"Zombie Promenade" uses Apple Watch technology Glance and Press Menu.

Object of the game is find the Gold Door.

There seems to be an awful lot of zombies around and a lot of strict rules. Learn the rules fast or else.

The commentator has a bit of an attitude, don't let him distract you.

If you do not mind a challenge, and dying many time before getting through the Gold Door, download this App now!

4G Games

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Four games are included in this Apple Watch App: Monkey Test, Simon, ESP Test and Tic-Tac-Huh.

Monkey Test.
Do you fear what happened in 'Planet of the Apes' will really happen? Researchers in Japan developed this test and found Chimpanezes did far better than humans [TRUE, I am not kidding]. So save the world and work with 'Monkey Test' until you are advanced. Or just enjoy playing the game. This game has been dumbed down for humans, so enjoy!

A sequence of lights are shown to you and it is your job to enter the same sequence. Not that you will save the world with this skill but you can amaze your friends.

ESP Test.
Dr. Fraud is looking for people with ESP. This is a simple guesinng again, if you do better then 1 out of 6 you are doing better than average and it is time to go to Las Vegas.

This App is pretty dumb, so you should be able to win most of the games. Be careful, it may also cheat.

This App uses Apple Watch Glance and Press Menu technology. Press instead of tapping your watch on each games and it will give you information on the game.


Flip and Throw

See it on iTunes Preview

Isn't it about time you became a super hero to your family and work mates?

All you need is your Apple Watch and "Flip & Roll".

Your kids have a board game and lost their dice. No problem for super dad, you can roll a single die or two dice for an instant result. Your kids will love you and your wife will have that special smile on her face.

At work during a business meeting, your boss says, "This is a heads or tails situation that will affect the future of the company." You pull out your Apple Watch with the "Flip & Roll" App, tap and you have the answer that the company should go with Plan A. You become CEO of the company and live happily ever after; just because of "Flip & Roll".

In the lunch room, you and your best friend can't decide who should buy coffee. Neither of you have a coin to flip. You pull our your Apple Watch with the Flip & Roll request a Odds and Even flip of two coins. Your decision is made. Your friendship is safe, it is another great day due too "Flip & Roll".

Next step, save the world. Don't worry because your have Apple Watch with "Flip & Roll".

You can flip one coin for heads and tails. Flip two coins for Odds and Evens. Roll one die or you can roll two dice. Uses Glance and Press for Menu Apple Watch technology.

The abilities of "Flip & Roll" is only limited by your imagination.

The world is yours with "Flip & Roll".


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