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Easy List


Do you seem to spend more time trying to get your iPhone or Apple Watch to do something, trying to learn all of the tricks to get a simplest thing done?

"Easy List" is the answer to your plight. No learning complex gestures. No hidden menus you have to find. You have one list, in one place.

On your iPhone (5 or higher), you can add items to your list with the add button (+). Delete items with the delete button (trash can icon). Mark items as complete by tapping the item. Tap the item again if you change your mind.

On your Apple Watch you will see all tasks except for tasks that are marked completed or have been deleted. You get only what you need in front of you on your watch. If you tap a item on your Apple Watch it will ask you if you want to mark it as complete. If you tap Yes, it will be removed the item from your watch and updated on your iPhone marking that item as complete.

"Easy List" uses Apple Watch Glance and Touch technology.

"Easy List" for Apple Watch and iPhone is two apps in one. One App for your iPhone and one App for your Apple Watch.

Spend less time working on your list and more time doing your tasks. Therefore more time to do the fun things in life.

The design of this app is based on the Best Seller productivity book: "Stop Procrastination: Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness: 9 Steps to Cure Procrastination" - not a short title but an easy read. In eBook form it can be found anywhere. I believe a printed version can be found at Amazon.

Don't miss out on living Happily Ever After, get "Easy List" now!

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Calc II

A calculator on your Apple Watch.

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StopWatch Prime


You get two great Apps wrapped up into one package, a iPhone app that shares data with an Apple Watch app.

The iPhone StopWatch and the Apple Watch StopWatch can run at the same time, recording different events.

iPhone App:

The main screen is a stopwatch which shows the history of saved times from the iPhone and the Apple Watch. When an Apple Watch records a time, the iPhone is immediately updated with the time recorded.

The iPhone figures shows the two screens, the main screen to run stopwatch and show the history and an Update screen to make changes to the comments.

Apple Watch App:

Stopwatch Prime is a stopwatch designed for the Apple Watch. All functions can performed on your Watch.

Start, Pause, Resume and End functions are included with the App.

Apple Watch's uses Glance and Press menu technology in "Stopwatch Prime".

The center graphics can be changed from Abacus to Circles, to Dominos, to Rubber Ducks [yes, Rubber Ducks], or no graphic display.

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aWatch Tally

A simple counter on your Apple Watch.

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Here I Am Watch

Find and store your location on your Apple Watch and/or iPhone.

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2 Stopwatches, 2 Countdown timers and more on your Apple Watch.

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