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Analog Alarm Free

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Easy to use Analog Clock

  • Option of a Talking Alarm
  • Clasic Analog Design
  • Hour, Minute and Second hands
  • Option to Show Weather Forecast

Designed to be a handsome easy to use Analog Clock with Alarm. Clock has an option to Gong every hour. A number of different displays (skins) may be selected for the clock, including the ability to use any photo on your phone as the background.

Alarm has a number of sounds or the ability to play a song from your phone or to play CNN News radio at alarm time.

Option to Disable Screen Lock so you continuously see the clock. Option to Run Under Screen so you can hear the alarm and chimes (if turned on).

Main clock has hour, minute and second hand.

Use as a general timepiece and alarm, on your desk or with friends while playing games.