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Nature's Clock Talking Alarm with Weather $.99

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100% of the purchase price goes to the Conservation Fund

  • Over 60 Environmental Backgrounds
  • Talking Alarm in English or Spanish
  • Uses Portrait or Landscape Mode
  • Displays Full Date
  • Current and 5-day Weather Forecast
  • Multiple Graphic background, may use pictures on your phone
  • Wake to CNN News radio, music from your phone, or selected alarm sounds

100% of the purchase price goes to the Conservation Fund.

BigClock's Nature is a version with over 60 environmental backgrounds and multiple alarm sounds. Nature's Clock is a large display of the time in Portrait and Landscape modes including full date. In Landscape mode; the time takes up the entire screen enabling you to see the time from across the room. Users can select a number of designer graphical displays of the Time and designer background layouts.

Background is selected from several designer backgrounds or select any picture from your phone's library.

Option to display the current weather and 5-day weather forecast. Option for your phone to automatically retrieve the forecast via its GPS, or enter an international address, or Postal Code/Zip Code.

The phone retrieves weather using a couple of seconds an hour of Internet usage to get the location and weather. Other phones may leave this on all of the time causing usage charges, opens your phone location to others, slowing the operation of your phone and draining battery life.

Alarm options (any combination) Continuous, Talking alarm (tells you the time in English or Spanish), any song that is on your phone or it will randomly select a song, Vibrating, News Radio, Run during Screen Lock, and a number of different sounds. Great for use during the day to alert you for meetings, lunches, etc.

All instruction and buttons are in English.

News radio give you CNN's News Radio Updates from national to international to commentary.

Option to chime every hour where your phone speaks the time.

Option to select time display in 12-hour or 24-hour.

Excellent for group of people using the same clock (such as a game, class or meditation). No need for reading glasses to see the time.

We are not part of the Conversation Fund, we are donating these funds since they are a very highly rated charity that deals with the environment.

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