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Talking Stopwatch $.99

Smaller Bigger

Easy to use Stopwatch

  • Talks to you so you can watch the action
  • Easy to Read Large Display
  • Keeps tracks of laps
  • Store and review history
  • Runs under Screen Lock, so phone calls will not interrupt the timing

Designed to be the ultimate stopwatch, it is easy to use, with powerful options. Large display in Portrait and Landscape modes including user selectable predefined backgrounds or any picture in your phone's library may be used as a background.

Stopwatch works as a stopwatch and lap timer. You have unlimited ability to save your stopwatch's history and to email the history (you must have an email account setup on your phone to able to email from this app).

Talking options allow you to keep your eyes on the event, letting your Stopwatch telling you lap times and how many minutes have passed.

Slower lap times are indicated with and s next to their times on your phone and optionally spoken by your phone. The Lap button is extra large to make it easy to time laps while keeping your eyes on the action.

Intelligent feature remembers where your are in time. Phone calls do not interrupt the Stopwatch. End Stopwatch, run another app, then go back to the Stopwatch it will be in time where you expect without loosing any information.

Use as a stopwatch/lap watch to time events or to time your workouts. Excellent for track and field, racing or for runners.

The following options can be used but do not have to be used. They are turned on with a simple tap on the settings screen.

Disable Screen Lock Keeps your phone from blanking your screen. If you want to see your screen all of the time your will want to use this option.

Run Under Screen Lock when the phone blanks your screen, the program keeps running. If you have the talk option on you may not need to see your screen.

Talk at End of Lap Tells you the Lap time of the last lap. Great if you want to watch the action and not your phone.

Say Slower on Slow Laps - Says the word Slower on a slow lap, giving you more information without looking at your phone.

And more options.