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Hi, my name is Jeff Lefavi and I’m responsible for what is in Buddha’s Place. I am the former president of Lefavi Systems; Inc.

So you may be asking yourself, what is a past president of a software development doing running Buddha’s Place? Is he a Buddhist?

No, I am not a Buddhist. I am a Ballroom dancer (No, I’ve seen no papers saying that Buddha was a Ballroom dancer). No this site is not specifically about Buddhism but about making yourself better inside and out. I think Buddha would approve.

Dancing almost every day of the week can take a toll on the body. Injury is the worse partner a dancer can have.

Having suffered several injuries over the past couple of years, my doctor sent me to physical therapy. Physical therapy was little help.

My first time to therapy was after a car crash. The therapist assigned to me had just come back from a therapist conference. She told me about a study done to compare the effectiveness, comparing: Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, to just giving the patient a brochure on exercises. The study found only one percentage point difference between the three types of therapy, in other words no difference. Some may say that this means they are all just as “good”. I later found, it is more accurate to say that they are all just as “bad”.

My Back pain had progressively gotten better, to a point. Then it stayed at that point (not a good place). The insurance companies did their thing, which means I ending up giving a deposition in front of a court reporter and two lawyers. During a break, I was talking to the court reporter; she said she found all injuries from accidents progressed the same way. The got better to a certain point. Not to a point where they felt well again. My fellow victims and I saw an array of doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

So, I learned to accept the pain, and I moved on with my life, with a hand full of Advil™ and steroids.

I found yoga. It Helped. Yes, I can now dance without pain. And I can dance more often. I will sometimes take one or two Advils™ after dancing, instead of four before and a handful after with an ice pack.

I tried meditation before, but found it stressful (that doesn’t seem correct?). With yoga I am progressing into meditation. Yoga with meditation has made me a little calmer and a little bit of a better person.

This site is not about religion but what we will take from religions from around the world to make us better mentally and physically. The two are connected.

We will be presenting articles that can help you inside and out.

We are also offering products that can help you to a better life.

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